Soundmoves Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance

Pre-recorded lessons ~ Lifetime access ~ Yoga Alliance Certified

200 Hr Yoga TTC

  • Restorative Yoga ~ the Soundmoves Method
  • Practical course gets you started teaching
  • Evidence based therapeutics

300 Hr Yoga TTC

  • Upgrade to the RYT-500 level Yoga Alliance
  • A new skillset enhances your existing classes
  • Learn our custom sequences


25 years teaching experience

M. Sc, C-IAYT, ERYT-500

Noah Mckenna

Noah Mckenna developed Soundmoves after two decades as a teacher trainer and therapist in the Yoga hotspot of Mysore, India. Soundmoves brings clinical experience and cutting edge research to the table infusing multiple healing modalities into a seamless Yoga formula. As an instructor Noah has the gift of distilling information and conveying it with simplicity and depth. The lesson designs reflect a coherent structure that comes when a teacher has benefited from decades in the field.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Study at your own speed

Our classes are prerecorded with lifetime access so you can be flexible with your time and commitment. Choose the amount of homework you feel that you need. Begin with the practice lessons and move forward to the teaching exercises. 

Evidence based Yoga

The study of Heart Rate Variability has shown profound benefit for stress management, emotional balance and wellbeing. Slow breathing at just the right speed increases HRV and alters your baseline physiology in a good way.

Become a certified teacher

The lessons are very practical so to graduate we just need to see you teach a 60 min class. This course is recognised by the Yoga Alliance if you choose to register, but it stands alone if your intention is to teach deep yoga classes.

The Soundmoves Method

Quite simply this is a revolutionary new approach to Yoga with music for breathing. The Soundoves method makes the deep healing effects of Yoga practice instantly accessible by carefully crating the basics of therapeutics into sequences.

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Experience a Soundmoves Lesson

Just breath with the music

The Advantages of Soundmoves

A new style of transformational Yoga to optimise physiology ~ recalibrate mind ~ balance body

Physiological Restoration

Simply being still and relaxing in asana positions is helpful but does not access the total transformative power of Yoga. Soundmoves uses resonant breathing to increase HRV - the key biomarker for longevity and vitality. Low HRV is typical to burnout, depression and anxiety. Restoring HRV to higher levels not only switches off the fight or flight response it's extra restorative.

A Mental Reset

Constant  positive or negative thinking is associated with high Beta wave activity in the brain. Soundmoves music is specially designed  with healing Theta waves to support the trance state. Musicians, dancers and meditators know that in the flow state time slows down and things happen with minimal effort. Simply  breathe and move with the music to arrive at - a mental reset.

Postural Integration

Soundmoves yoga is not so much about achieving Yoga postures instead it is an accessible set of movement patterns and therapeutic techniques that explore essential posture. Posture is integral when diaphragmatic breathing connects with stretching holding and moving. The Soundmoves approach to somatic healing is a wholistic functional approach. This is Yoga is a mind-breath-body practice.

Why Choose Soundmoves?

The Teacher

Noah Mckenna has guided hundreds of students to become confident teachers using clear and simple repetition of pre-designed sequences.

The Method

Integrating traditional yoga practices with a new potential and yet this is a roadmap for teaching amazing classes which are highly inclusive.

The Experience

Are you an early adopter, do you like to experiment, do you appreciate science but understand teaching Yoga is an art form? Try the free class first and you will know if this is it.

The Music

Soundmoves music was created for the subtle experience of trance. We talk about holding space, this soundtrack is holding time for feelings to land and breath to find rhythm.


When a Teacher Training course is run in-person there are rental and accommodation costs that drive up prices and limit the number of places for students. While many courses online are trying to replicate the style of in-person training there is no reason why the price has to be so high. We decided to co-create a course that supports both students and teachers and includes Yoga retreat centres through our affiliate scheme.
Not everyone wants certification - many people take a Yoga Teacher Training course just for the information and experience. Having a recognised qualification can be helpful for employment opportunities, insurance and for providing training to others. For people who already have RYT-200 certification from any provider, our RYT-300 upgrade enhances your skills and knowledge so you can apply for RYT-500. Yoga Alliance is permitting registration for students of approved fully online training programs with certificates dated on or before 31 Dec 2023
You can start at any time and the course comes with lifetime access. Some students have completed the training in just a few weeks and some have token over one year. To graduate you simply need to send in a video as proof that you can actually teach the Soundmoves Method using the music, easy !
If you're just setting out on your yoga teaching journey we can give you a solid basis to get started. Our teaching faculty has over one hundred years of combined expertise. If you are already a Yoga Teacher there is so much here to inform, transform and reform your class content and style. Soundmoves music is free and fun to play with. If you are interested in the therapeutic benefit of Yoga practice this course will show you the best and most beneficial somatic techniques and advance your breathing and meditation practice. Our courses also cater for those who want to take initial steps towards becoming a yoga therapist. Noah McKenna, the lead teacher, is a registered yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) and has qualifications in health sciences, acupuncture and nutrition.