Resonant Frequency Breathing

Activating heart rate variability - HRV

  • The Soundmoves Method

    This Yoga hybrid synergises RFB with a unique sound production. The Soundmoves method builds on the HRV levels HRV produced by RFB by applying cyclical postural change and vagal tone exercises native to Yoga practice. In return our method makes achieving RFB intuitively easy with trance inducing sound for access to the flow state and a deep Yoga experience.

  • HRV - the more the better

    HRV is a type of flexibility in heart rate that indicates an intelligent responsive vagal function. Studies show improving HRV benefits stress management, emotional affect, mental focus and physiological wellbeing. Low levels of HRV are correlated with poor performance, illness and mortality. Yoga specifically geared to improve HRV works by improving vagal tone.

  • RFB and Resonant Feedback

    When we think of resonance we often imagine something acoustic. But in this case it's actually the heart rate which resonates by fluctuating with increased amplitude. RFB works by syncing breathing with the time delay in the cardiac feedback loop. The rhythm of breathing, blood pressure and brain waves also come into alignment.

  • The medicine is in the blood

    Soundmoves uses Yoga to improve on RFB and the effect can be measured using HRV. RFB also maximises oxygen saturation and perfusion. Practiced regularly RFB lowers baseline blood pressure and yet improves circulation. It also reduces the stress on the heart. There is an abundance of available energy reaching to the cells.

The curator and creator

25 years Yoga teaching experience

M. Sc, C-IAYT, ERYT-500 Noah Mckenna

Noah Mckenna developed Soundmoves after two decades as a teacher trainer and therapist in the Yoga hotspot of Mysore, India. Soundmoves brings clinical experience and cutting edge research to the table infusing multiple healing modalities into a seamless formula. As an instructor Noah has the gift of distilling information and conveying it with simplicity and depth. The lesson designs reflect a coherent structure that comes from decades in the field. Noah's clinical research on the therapeutic effects of Soundmoves Yoga happens at the University of Adelaide School of Medicine in the discipline of Psychiatry. His clinical work tracks heart-mind connectivity when yoga practices are performed at specific frequencies. Heart rate variability is central to this work and intersects with blood pressure and brain wave rhythms.

What is Soundmoves Yoga?

A revolutionary new concept in Yoga therapy

  • Restore Physiology

    Simply being still and relaxing in asana positions is helpful but does not access the total transformative power of Yoga. Soundmoves uses resonant breathing to increase HRV - the key biomarker for longevity and vitality. Low HRV is typical to burnout, depression and anxiety. Restoring HRV to higher levels not only switches off the fight or flight response it's extra restorative.

  • A Mental Reset

    Excessive thinking and especially worry is associated with high Beta wave activity in the brain. Soundmoves music is specially designed with Theta waves entrainment to induce a trance state. Musicians, dancers and meditators know that in the flow state time slows down and things happen with minimal effort. Simply breathe and move with the music to arrive at - a mental reset.

  • Postural Integration

    Soundmoves yoga is not so much about achieving Yoga postures instead it is an accessible set of movement patterns and therapeutic techniques that explore essential posture. Posture is integral when diaphragmatic breathing connects with stretching holding and moving. The Soundmoves approach to somatic healing is a wholistic functional approach. This is Yoga is a mind-breath-body practice.

An Acoustic Paradigm

These special design features integrate carefully chosen elements of sound healing into your practice

Just by listening and breathing our music stimulates top-down processes

  • Just Intonation - The Fibonacci series was found in Pythagorus music where a fractal over-tone series allows our brain to constructs unique melodies.

  • Isochronic Beats - a perfect design solution for long play music therapy. Theta wave sound vibrations entrain brain wave for relaxation and trance induction.

  • Poly-vagal Filtering - Our music has been filtered to remove triggers and exercise the ventral vagal pathway associated with safety and emotional security.

Soundmoves music anywhere - anytime

Its free on all streaming platforms


The Concept

Breathing and moving in time with sound to enter the flow state

The Breathe

Soft and smooth nasal breathing with diaphragm action moves both air and blood in lungs. Increasing O2 saturation, conserving CO2, aiding perfusion, helping lymphatic drainage, lowering blood pressure and activating the cardiac feedback loop.

The Moves

Isokinetic movement is constant smooth motion which brings synergist muscles into partnership fosters positive affect. Pandiculations are repetitions of contract/release muscle group isolations which dissolve tension.

The Timing

The physiological rhythm at five cycles per minute brings breath, blood pressure and heart rate wavefoms into sync. This rhythm maximises HRV and stimulates brain wave coherence.

The Sounds

Soundmoves music was created to support trance induction. We put a fibonacci series of overtones, iso-chronic beats, theta wave entrainment and poly-vagal filtering in the mix. .

The Flow

After 20 minutes of fixed attention on sound, breath and movement the flow state produces panoramic awareness. Time slows down, mental chatter ends, activity feels effortless.

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