Multistyle Yoga Synchronising Breathe With Sound

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RYT-200 Certified Training

  • The Soundmoves method applies
    resonant breathing music to
    Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative , Flow,
    Yin and Pranayama Yoga classes
  • Highly experienced teachers inc.
    Noah Mckenna - Soundmoves
    Simon Borg-Olivier - Anatomy
    Greg Nardi - Philosophy
  • Enrol Anytime and get 9 Months to
    access and complete the training
    YA Certified virtual RYT-200

RYT-300 Certified Training

  • Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training
    The Soundmoves method and specialty subjects from a diverse range of professional teachers
  • Noah Mckenna - Soundmoves
    Simon Borg-Olivier - Anatomy
    Greg Nardi - Philosophy
    + 20 Amazing Teachers
  • Enrol Anytime
    6 Months to Complete
    YA Certified upgrade to RYT-500

Our trainings run for nine months from the date of enrolment

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Study at your own speed

We have a program which is flexible for both teachers and students. You can choose the amount of homework you like.  Live class Interaction is recommended but optional and its recorded to suit your timetable if you cannot attend a session.

Unlimited Access & Support

Together we can connect you with other yogis and talented teachers to provide the best online experience. Live Q&As and Facebook Community Groups.

Become A Certified Teacher

Courses will begin on October 01, 2020. The Yoga Alliance deadline for online certification is currently December 31, 2020 but we expect they will extend it.

Support Local Charity

Help us support Operation Shanti, who focus on making a big difference for people in need in Mysore, India, home of modern yoga. Covid-19 support required. 

What is Soundmoves Yoga by Noah Mckenna?

Over the past few years, I’ve been developing a method for integrating traditional yoga practices with resonant frequency breathing, based on Stephen Porges’s research on the vagal system. It’s called Soundmoves as it uses specially designed music to guide breathing and movement. It’s a whole new paradigm for exploring yoga - and to learn about the effectiveness of yoga as a practice. The technique creates resonance in the cardiovascular system, improving coherence between the brain, mind and body.

Soundmoves is an incredibly powerful healing tool that is safe and comfortable to use for all ages and levels of yoga practice. I'd love you to try it and let me know what you think.

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Soma, Sound and Vision

Yoga Advantages

Nothing makes you view the world in a wholly different way more than a yoga-teacher training course – it's the ultimate life-altering experience.

Gaining Life Energy

No longer work the 9-5 corporate life - create your own weekly schedule and work life balance

Healthy Mind

You have the ability to achieve your full potential and turn your hobby into a career

Spiritual Grouth

Access the happiness that is already inside of you through yoga practice and teaching

Why Choose Us

Guest Teachers

Incredible cast of talented yogis contributing on a wide selection of videos

Soundmoves Flow

Integrating traditional yoga practices with resonant frequency breathing

Supportive Community

Join a supportive community with our Facebook Groups and live Q&A sessions.

Give Back

Make a difference to the Operation Shanti charity, the home of modern yoga.

What Soundmoves students say

Dannia Palacin

So much gratitude for being Noah's student. He has an amazing medical background and one of a kind way of teaching. So precise and caring. Also he has a fantastic sense of humor!!

Matt Appleby

Thank you so much for sharing the Soundmoves training. Your knowledge is invaluable and teaching inspirational. It has transformed my practice and feel it will transform my teaching too!

Vidya Alexandrea

Noah is hands down the best teacher I've ever come across. I feel so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in his 200h YTT in Goa, and will be taking many more of his courses in the future. Noah is literally a living encyclopedia for all things anatomy and philosophy

Evelyn Krull

Noah is authentic and teaches with integrity and from the heart. Highly recommended if you are looking for the real thing!

Didi Bulle

You have to try at least once. It's so soothing to let yourself be guided by this special music that immerses you into an inner trance. And Noah's voice, like an angel, that helps us reconnect as soon as the mind escapes into thoughts. Noah discreetly gives a multitude of details that answer my questions sometimes even before I even wonder them. A pure moment of peace and happiness.

Magdalena Banach

Amazing and beautiful teacher and the the best TTC you can get. My best life experiences in yoga so far was my teachers training with Noah. Full of integrity and true yoga experience. I would recommend it to anyone.


When a Teacher Training course is run in-person there are rental and accommodation costs that drive up prices and limit the number of places for students. While many courses online are trying to replicate the style of in-person training there is no reason why the price has to be so high. We decided to co-create a course that supports both students and teachers and includes Yoga retreat centres through our affiliate scheme.
Not everyone wants certification - many people take a Yoga Teacher Training course for practice, discipline or experience. Having a recognised qualification can be helpful for employment opportunities, insurance and for providing training to others. For people who already have RYT-200 certification from any provider, our RYT-300 upgrade enhances your skills and knowledge so you can apply for RYT-500. Yoga Alliance is permitting registration for students of approved fully online training programs with certificates dated on or before 31 Dec 2020. Their Covid-19 response is expected to be extended in some form into 2021. Get started now - and see what happens!
We begin the training on 1 October 2020 and you can start any time after that date. Our Thinkific learning management system customises a student's online schedule from any start date. Live events and classes are scheduled regularly throughout the course to suit different time zones and we will have community groups for all kinds of topics. All materials will be available to students for nine months after enrolment to give you time to learn at your own pace.
Soundmoves is the method created by Noah Mckenna after years of work as a yoga teacher, trainer and therapist. It’s a creative platform that uses sounds for breathing combined with Yoga moves and can be adapted to any style of Yoga. Our Anatomy and Philosophy specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Soundmoves online offering. We have also invited teachers with lived experience of teaching yoga every day to enhance our team and provide a well-rounded course to inspire students as future teachers.
Ten percent of each student payment goes to our designated charity, Operation Shanti, which helps orphans and single mothers in Mysore, India - the home of modern Yoga. Our guest presenters keep all their content to support their own careers and we pay them for their role as teachers. Through an affiliate scheme, we share a percentage of bookings they generate with Yoga businesses affected by Covid-19 restrictions. And for students, we offer an amazing training at a super nice price.
If you're just setting out on your yoga teaching journey we can give you a solid basis to get started. Our teaching faculty has over one hundred years of combined expertise. If you are already a Yoga Teacher there is so much here to inform, transform and reform your class content and style. Soundmoves music is free and fun to play with. If you are interested in the therapeutic benefit of Yoga practice this course will show you the best and most beneficial somatic techniques and advance your breathing and meditation practice. Our courses also cater for those who want to take initial steps towards becoming a yoga therapist. Noah McKenna, the lead teacher, is a registered yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) and has qualifications in health sciences, acupuncture and nutrition.