Transform Your Mornings with Yoga

  • Live Sessions That Resonate

    Twice a week at 7 am Adelaide Time we will deliver intimate guided practice. These classes are just 30 minutes long. Connect with a community as we get through the week with meditation and breath-work on Tuesdays and movement on Thursdays.

  • Support if You Like

    We cherish every donation! Giving back enables us to deepen our research and enrich our sessions. But its not necessary - the intention behind Goodmornings is to offer access to the healing power of SoundMoves Yoga to anyone in need without the limitation of a paywall.

  • Step Into the Flow

    With Noah's expertise and our specially designed soundscapes you can experience an evolution in yoga. Soundmoves enhances physiological rhythm and calms the mind by unlocking the flow state. Join us at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science.

SoundMoves Yoga

The core concepts

  • Soundmoves music designed with neuro-attentive features

  • Resonant frequency breathing activates heartmind

  • Yoga choreographed with breathe and trance

  • Slow down to the speed of the comfort zone

  • Wake up multi-focus body intelligence

  • Melt through layers of psycho-somatic stress


  • What is Resonant Frequency Breathing (RFB)?

    RFB is a core practice in SoundMoves Yoga that aligns your breathing with your heart's natural rhythm, enhancing heart rate variability (HRV) for improved stress management and wellbeing.

  • Who is Noah Mckenna?

    Noah Mckenna is the creator of SoundMoves Yoga with over 25 years of yoga teaching experience, integrating clinical research and therapeutic sound into a transformative yoga practice.

  • How is Soundmoves Yoga different from traditional yoga?

    SoundMoves Yoga blends traditional yoga with scientific research and music therapy, focusing on HRV and resonant frequency to foster a deeper state of wellness and flow.

  • How can I join a live SoundMoves Yoga session?

    You can sign up for our exclusive live Zoom sessions through our website. If you miss a live session, you can always catch up via our YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter streams.

  • What are the donation options for classes?

    We operate on a 'pay what you feel' model, allowing you to contribute as little or as much as you like. Every donation goes a long way to support our community and the continuation of these sessions.

  • What if I have never done yoga before?

    SoundMoves Yoga is accessible for all levels, including beginners. Our approach is to guide you into the practice smoothly, with an emphasis on the harmonious movement and breath.

Mindful Giving

Every contribution helps us to cover the costs of production and provide soundmoves classes free from a paywall. By showing up together and be present for each other lets make some good mornings.