25 years teaching experience

M. Sc, C-IAYT, ERYT-500

Noah Mckenna

Noah Mckenna developed Soundmoves after two decades as a teacher trainer and therapist in the Yoga hotspot of Mysore, India. Soundmoves brings clinical experience and cutting edge research to the table infusing multiple healing modalities into a seamless Yoga formula. As an instructor Noah has the gift of distilling information and conveying it with simplicity and depth. The lesson designs reflect a coherent structure that comes when a teacher has benefited from decades in the field.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Teaching Soundmoves Restorative: Introduction

    • General Information

  • 2

    Teaching Soundmoves Restorative: Basic Standing Sequence

    • Introduction to the Standing Position.

    • Lesson 01: Basic Standing practice

    • Lesson 02: Full Version teaching to a partner

    • Lesson 03: Focus on Pranavrittasana

    • Lesson 04: Focus on Namaskarasana 01 and 02

    • Lesson 05: Focus on Ardha Chandrasana

    • Lesson 06: Focus on Parivrittasana

    • Lesson 07: Mini Version oriented to hands and feet

    • Lesson 08: Mini Version oriented to eyes and abdomen

    • Lesson 09: Mini Version oriented to knees and shoulders

    • Lesson 10: Mini Version oriented to pelvis, spine and head

  • 3

    Teaching Soundmoves Restorative: Basic Supine Sequence

    • Introduction to the Supine Position.

    • Lesson 01: Basic Supine practice

    • Lesson 02: Guiding primary diaphragmatic breathing with a partner

    • Lesson 03: Adjusting and contacting in the Supine Position.

    • Lesson 04: Vocalising in the Supine position.

  • 4

    Teaching Soundmoves Restorative: Basic Prone Sequence

    • Introduction to the Prone Position

    • Lesson 01. Basic Prone practice sequence

    • Lesson 02: Prone Position - Set-up and Adjustments

    • Lesson 03: Demonstrate Teaching to Partner

  • 5

    Teaching Soundmoves Restorative: Basic Seated Sequence

    • Introduction to the Seated Position

    • Lesson 01: Basic Seated practice

    • Lesson 02: Seated Partner set-up