Course Overview

The Thoracic diaphragmatic is the primary muscle involved in breathing by activating the respiratory pump mechanism. The pump also has a profound effect on central blood pressure in addition to its key role in respiration. This dual function means that we can generate a higher heart rate variability wave form for greater health not only by timing our breath at resonant frequency but also by modulating the action of the diaphragm. These lesson are highly practical with the anatomical and physiological concepts being put into practice with exercises specific to the content of each lesson.

Anatomy and Physiology

Focus - Respiration and Blood Pressure

    1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Diaphragm

    2. Respiration: primary and secondary actions

    3. Respiratory Diaphragm: extra functions and paradoxical breathing

    4. Respiratory Diaphragm: abdominal antagonism-synergism

    5. Respiratory Diaphragm: core and postural antagonism-synergism

    6. Respiratory Diaphragm: pelvic floor antagonism-synergism

    7. Respiratory Diaphragm: intercostal synergism

    8. Respiratory Diaphragm: epiglottis - ujjayi and bandha


  • 8 lessons
  • Information Distillation
  • Connect the Dots
  • Practical Yoga Exercises

Soundmoves creator and curator

25 years Yoga teaching experience

M. Sc, C-IAYT, ERYT-500 Noah Mckenna

Noah Mckenna developed Soundmoves after two decades as a teacher trainer and therapist in the Yoga hotspot of Mysore, India. Soundmoves brings clinical experience and cutting edge research to the table infusing multiple healing modalities into a seamless formula. As an instructor Noah has the gift of distilling information and conveying it with simplicity and depth. The lesson designs reflect a coherent structure that comes from decades in the field. Noah's clinical research on the therapeutic effects of Soundmoves Yoga happens at the University of Adelaide School of Medicine in the discipline of Psychiatry. His clinical work tracks heart-mind connectivity when yoga practices are performed at specific frequencies. Heart rate variability is central to this work and intersects with blood pressure and brain wave rhythms.